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Bangladhesh Holds National Consultation of IPs on REDD+

Monday, December 21st, 2020

DHAKA, Bangladesh: From 23 to 24 October 2013, a national level consultation of indigenous peoples (IPs) on REDD+ readiness took place in Dhaka. Among those present were Raja Devasish Roy, the Chakma Chief, 43 IPs representing different constituencies across the country, Md. Yunus Ali, the Chief Conservator of Forests in Bangladesh and his deputy Haradhan Banik.

The objectives of the consultation were to share the REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) with the IPs of Bangladesh and collect their inputs, feedback and recommendations. However, it has also been a platform for both IPs and the Government of Bangladesh on the need to coordinate and cooperate in the implementation of REDD+ roadmap by respecting the roles of IPs in sustainable forest management and livelihoods in Bangladesh.

The decision to conduct the national level consultation in Dhaka was timely as it provided an opportunity to engage IPs in the REDD+ process before implementation of the REDD+ Programmed. They were also able to share their issues and concerns, as here well as provide their recommendations for the proposed revision of relevant policies and programs in the REDD+ process in Bangladesh.

The consultation was fruitful because there was enough space not only to understand the IPs’ gaps in understanding REDD+, but also the concerns they faced. The set of recommendations prepared by the IPs on the REDD+ process was presented to the Government of Bangladesh. It was welcomed and signaled further cooperation and collaboration in REDD+ process in Bangladesh between both the IPs and the government.

The consultation encouraged indigenous leaders to fully and effectively participate not only in the R-PP Validation Workshop, but also similar forthcoming meetings. The idea of a national level consultation to raise awareness on the issues and concerns of IPs in climate change and REDD+ was discussed between Ms. Pasang Dolma Sherpa, the Asia-Pacific IP Observer in the UN-REDD Policy Board with other IP representatives over various forum such as the Asia Caucus Meeting in Bonn, Germany, and the Tenth UN-REDD Policy Board generic cialis best Meeting in Lombok, Indonesia.

This news article, prepared by NEFIN National Coordinator Ms. Pasang Dolma Sherpa, also the Indigenous Peoples’ Observer for Asia-Pacific in the UN-REDD Programmed Policy Board, was originally published in a Bangladesh newsletter.