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Support to Secure Rights and Effective Participation of Indigenous Peoples in Nepal’s Emission Reduction Program Implementation

Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Emission Reduction Program (ERP)

The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) upon the request of indigenous peoples, has allocated funds for the “Capacity Building Program on REDD+ for Forest Dependent Indigenous Peoples and Other Forest Dwellers”. The World Bank as the Trustee of the FCPF including of the Readiness Fund of the FCPF has entered into a Grant Agreement with TEBTEBBA Foundation (TEBTEBBA. TEBTEBBA as recipient of FCPF grant under the “Asia-Pacific FCPF Capacity Building Project on REDD+ for Forest Dependent Indigenous Peoples” has the responsibility of channeling resources to Sub-Grantee organizations, monitoring and supervising the Sub-Project.
The Regional Steering Committee (RSC) of the Project, composed of indigenous peoples representatives from the FCPF countries namely Fiji, Nepal and Vietnam and a representative of a regional network in cooperation with TEBTEBBA, underwent a process that selected five (5) Sub-Projects to be funded from the FCPF grant. On the basis of the above and other considerations, TEBTEBBA agreed to extend a Sub-Grant to Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN).
NEFIN with this Sub-Project aims to support, promote and protect rights and effective participation of indigenous peoples in Emission Reduction Program (ERP) implementation. It also helps indigenous Peoples and their network for increasing their awareness about Nepal’s Emission Reduction Program (ERP), enhance indigenous peoples capacity to advocate their rights and meaningful participation in the ERP implementation.
In order to achieve those objectives, NEFIN will, amongst other activities, organize awareness raising training-workshops and consultation meetings involving indigenous peoples representative of 13 district covering Nepal’s ERP area. This project will run until December, 2022.


Indigenous peoples and other interested stakeholders may provide feedback or raise complaints on the activities of the sub-project, its implementation and other issues specific to the sub-project.

Before this grievance mechanism is availed by stakeholders, especially sub-project beneficiaries, indigenous peoples’ resolution systems and practices should be applied first. The grievance/s specific to the sub-project could be discussed and be resolved by the customary institution, collective and representative organizations of indigenous peoples (IPOs)/Mother Organizations of the concerned individual/s or community, and the local chapter of NEFIN, of the sub-project area. Minutes of the resolution process, whether successful or not, should be prepared and signed by the involved persons and included in NEFIN’s report.

To use this grievance mechanism, feedback or complaint should generally be sent to the project management team in writing duly signed by the complainant/s and the full address and contact details indicated. However, a complaint may also be orally, via phone or in-person, in which case the project management team will assist the complainant in documenting the complaint. The minutes of the resolution process that was unsatisfactory to either or both parties at the community level should be attached to the complaint. The complaint including annexes should be sent through the option indicated in this website below or via email at [email protected] or courier addressed to Tunga B. Rai or Mr. Ashok Pariyar. NEFIN Cliamte Change Program. Sital Marga, Maharajgunja, Kathamandu Nepal.

The project management team will be fully responsible for recording, referring and tracking the complaint. Responsible person should acknowledge receipt of complaint within 7 working days upon receipt. The project management team will undertake initial discussion with the complainant and propose a response within 20 working days upon receipt of the complaint. If the complainant agrees, the proposed action is implemented. In case the complainant does not agree on the proposed action of the project management team, the project management team will compose a Grievance Committee composed of two (2) representatives of the Secretariat of Federal Council of NEFIN, 1 representative from project management team, one (1) representative of concerned IPO(s)/ the representative organization of complaint, and one (1) representative of NEFIN’s local chapters of the area, where the feedback/complaint originated.

If the complaint is not resolved at the Grievance Committee level, the complaint is forwarded to TEBTEBBA and to the Facility Management Team of the FCPF for consultation on the resolution of the grievance. Resolutions or outcomes of complaints received shall be properly documented.

Suggestion and Grievance Submission

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    Support to Secure Rights and Effective Participation of Indigenous Peoples in Nepal’s Emission Reduction Program Implementation