Participatory Baseline Survey and planning on Livelihood Program


Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) Climate Change-REDD Program in partnership with TEBTEBBA foundation has selected 1 to 6 wards of Bhajhakhet Village Development Committee (VDC) in Lamjung District, Gandaki Zone in Nepal since July 2010.

With the aim of supporting livelihoods program among the Indigenous Peoples of the demonstration area for sustainable management of the forest, participatory baseline survey and planning on livelihood program has been conducted from 18 to 25th July 2011 in the respective wads. Ms. Chhing Lamu Sherpa has played the main facilitator role during the program along with Kamala Thapa Magar and Jibaraj Ghale. 37 participants were represented from Khasur-1,Deujanthok-2, Pangrekyu, Shadhu, Khache and Sirubari, Kubling, Ratamata, Gharate, Thumka and Gauvachok


The socio-economic survey was done through participatory approach by using suitable Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) tools: Social Resource map, Household survey, Wellbeing ranking, Institutional diagram, Mobility map Seasonal Calender and Group Discussion in collecting the detail information of the demonstration area. During the introduction session, participants were divided among 6 groups for collecting the information from their respective wad by using the PRA tools. The collected data was later shared in the plenary followed by the planning session. Each wad has developed their action plan and shared in the closing day in the presents of invited guests from the relevant district level Govt. Agencies including Chief of District Officer (CDO), DSP of District Research Officer, District Agriculture Officer, VDC Secretariat and representative District Forest Office.


The program has been appreciated by the local communities, local government and other stakeholders for collecting in depth information and developing action plan. The District Agriculture Officer, Mr. Kishor Prasad pant has committed for his technical support for irrigation, organic farming, fisheries, Non Timber Forest Product (NTFP), plantation related activities.  The local groups like Mother Association, Youth Club and elders also committed for the effective implementation of the action plan.



The program Socio-economic survey for traditional livelihood program for sustainable forest management in 1-6 wards of Bhajhakhet VDC, Lamjung District has been successfully conducted with supportive remarks from the relevant  local Government Agencies, Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous women, respectively different groups and organizations in the area.


The participants representing different wards for collecting information from each VDC have recommended allocating more time for the field visit in the future. Elders of each ward were willing to participate in the livelihood program and suggested to implement as early as possible. Their focus was in education awareness and capacity developing though trainings for sustainable livelihood programs to improve their living standards that contribute for the sustainable development of the forest and resources.

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