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Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) is the only one umbrella organisation of all the indigenous groups of Nepal, established in 1991. The key objective of NEFIN is to fight for indigenous peoples’ rights in the country. It has national and international chapters/networks; namely District Coordination Councils (DDCs) in more than 71 districts, more than 3000 Village Coordinating Councils (VCCs), 7 affiliated national level organisations (indigenous journalists, indigenous youth, students etc.) and abroad-chapters in more than 19 countries.

In order to follow up the activities, updates and actions on climate change and REDD+ in relation to indigenous peoples rights, NEFIN started a program, “NEFIN Climate Change Partnership Program” in 2009. Advocacy, lobby, awareness raising and capacity building of indigenous peoples including indigenous women and youth for ensuring their rights in climate change and REDD+ are some of the key focuses of NEFIN Climate Change Partnership Program.

Since 2009, NEFIN Climate Change Partnership Program in partnership with International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), Asia Indigenous Peoples’ Pact (AIPP) and Indigenous Peoples’ International Centre for Policy Research and Education (TEBTEBBA) has been undertaking “Climate Change Partnership with Indigenous Peoples: Promoting Rights-based, Equitable and Pro-Poor REDD+ Strategies in South and South East Asia” to ensure indigenous peoples’ rights, full and effective participation, equitable benefits sharing, social and environmental safeguards in REDD+, climate change actions, and natural resource related policies and programs.

Aware and capacitate indigenous peoples to understand, contribute to, and secure their rights in climate change mitigation, adaptation and other natural resource related matters.


  • Enhance awareness of indigenous peoples about climate change mitigation particularly REDD+ and adaptation, thereby build their capacity to actively participate in the development and implementation of national REDD+ strategies, activities, and other policies and programs related with natural resources.
  • Advocate and lobby with concerned government agencies, policy makers and actors for the recognition and respect of the concerns, issues, needs, rights and the contribution of indigenous peoples in natural resource conservation including REDD+ and other climate change mitigation and adaptation actions.
  • Strengthen indigenous peoples’ forest conservation practices, indigenous knowledge, skill and promote, sustainable development and REDD+ partnership amongst the relevant actors including governments bodies.
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